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Bird registration deadline 01/10/2024

There is an important legal change that affects all bird keepers on allotment sites!

The UK government has announced that bird keepers will be required to register their birds to protect the health of all poultry and other captive birds as well as public health. Previously this was voluntary for keepers of less than 50 birds. From 1st October 2024 all keepers must register

Bird keepers will need to provide information such as contact details, location, species, number, and their purpose for keeping the birds.

The new rules cover backyard flocks, birds of prey, and pigeon fanciers but not caged pet birds kept entirely inside a domestic dwelling.

The registration deadline for England and Wales is 1 October 2024.

Keepers will also be legally required to update their information annually.

You can read the official news article here: New measures to help protect poultry industry from bird flu – GOV.UK (

Keepers of less than 50 birds can register online here: Register as a keeper of less than 50 poultry or other captive birds – GOV.UK (

Registration forms are available for download and print here: Poultry and other captive birds: registration rules and forms – GOV.UK (