Allotment Improvement Works

For the start up of the Alliance, RMBC pledged a £100k capital expenditure budget to be spent on making improvements to the allotment sites. Society sites were asked to create a ‘wish-list’ and direct-managed sites were assessed for any works that needed to be done. Projects were then categorised with health and safety being the main priority. This included areas such as asbestos removal and new perimeter fencing. Unfortunately not all projects have been able to be completed under the capital works programme due to the scale of the works needed and budget constraints – £100k doesn’t go very far! It is hoped that the majority of projects will be eventually completed using allotment revenue and funding from outside sources. Please see below a number of projects that have been completed so far.

Asbestos Removal

A number of sites had varying amounts of  asbestos removed. Asbestos was often used in sheds historically but is no longer permitted due to its possible effects to health. A lot of sites found buried fragments and a full garage was removed from the Vicarage Fields site at Parkgate. The removal of this garage meant that the plot could be re-tenanted again as it had not been in use for some time, due to the dangerous garage.

High Street, Rawmarsh

A new steel grid fence was installed at the bottom of the site to replace the chain link fence which was beyond repair. The site was subject to repeated break-ins due to its location. The area at the bottom of the site was also cleared of fly-tipped materials to be able to facilitate the new fence being installed. Tenants also helped to clear this area. The site had no designated parking so an area at the top of the site was cleared in preparation for a parking area to be created which has now been installed. This allows for tenants to have secure parking on the site.

Queen Street, Swinton

A new steel grid fence was installed on the South side of the site to replace chain link fence which was an easy target for damage. The North side also had a small section of chain link fence replaced. The site is now much more secure.

Psalters Lane, Kimberworth

This site is probably one of the most neglected sites in the borough and poses difficulties due to its open access next to a public footpath. An area at the top of the site on the left hand side had been continually fly-tipped on and was not enclosed by any security fencing. Steel grid security fencing along the edges of the site and an access gate were installed. The ground was also cleared of the rubbish and 2 plots have now been re-created which are suitable for tenants. Please note that the Alliance is only responsible for this side of the site.

Hartley Lane

This site had an area that had been previously used by a commercial grower but had been unoccupied for a few years. The commercial growing equipment had been left behind and effectively dumped. The capital expenditure budget funded 5 skips in order for all the waste to be taken away. The committee and tenants onsite then did all of the hard work clearing the site and the society funded hardcore and other materials to create a bigger parking area for the site. 2 allotment plots were also created. The site was also at risk of break-ins due to a delapidated chain link fence which runs alongside a public footpath. A new steel grid security fence has now been installed to make this side of the site more secure.

Lowfield Avenue, Greasbrough

An area of this site was being engulfed by a prolific, fast-growing vine and was causing damage to nearby resident’s property. The area was cleared and the vine treated to inhibit its growth. A  plot has been created in the cleared area.

Avenue Road, Wath

Avenue Rd had a number of areas onsite that had been allowed to become overgrown and derelict. A company was brought into clear these areas, remove the waste and they also levelled up the parking area to create more parking space. Approximately 6 plots were put back into use.