Become an Allotment Tenant

What is an allotment?

Under the Allotment Act 1950, the purpose of an allotment is for the production of vegetable or fruit crops for consumption by themselves or their family. We lease 24 allotment sites across Rotherham that were previously managed by RMBC. Of these, 14 are self-managed by a society and 10 are directly managed by the RAA.


What are the benefits of having an allotment?

Having an allotment is by no means easy but allotment gardening can provide a wide range of benefits to individuals, communities and the environment. This includes providing:

  • Access to fresh fruit and vegetables
  • An opportunity to get fresh air and exercise
  • A chance to find solitude and to meet new friends
  • Improve mental well-being
  • A means of reducing ‘food miles’


Things to consider before you apply

New allotment holders find that they quickly develop new skills and knowledge and many plot holders see the development of their allotment as part of a positive lifestyle choice. However there are a few things to think about before you rush into getting your first plot:

  • Health and physical ability – Plots usually involve physical activities such as clearing, digging and weeding and a lot of hard work!
  • Time commitment – A lot of time is required to get a plot up to an acceptable standard and maintain it.
  • Size of your plot – Don’t take on more than you can manage.
  • Learning what to do and when – Fellow tenants, especially those who have had plots for a long time, will be able to pass on a wealth of knowledge. There are also many websites and Facebook groups that can offer advice.
  • Maintaining motivation – It is beneficial to do small sections at a time. Make a 3 year plan to visualise how you want your plot to look.
  • Cost – Although the initial outlay may be small, you may need to think about investments to your plot such as greenhouses / polytunnels. These can be quite costly. Some materials i.e. wood can be available quite cheap or free of charge if you know where to get it!

Find an allotment

Use the Our Allotments Map to find allotment sites near you. The map shows information on the site and who manages it.

Some allotments in the borough are privately owned or run by other organisations, such as town or parish councils – please contact these organisations directly if you are interested in one of their sites.


The annual rent period for allotments runs from 1st January to 31st December with a deadline for payment by the end of March.

  • Direct-managed plots are charged per square metre so rents do vary from plot to plot – approximately £45 to £120 per year.
  • Society-managed sites set their own annual rents.
  • There will also be a water charge if the site has a water supply.
  • A £5 refundable deposit is required for the key which will be refunded if returned.


Applying for an allotment

You can apply for an RAA allotment plot by completing the online application form. This includes allotments managed by us and allotment societies. You must be over 18, live in Rotherham and pay your council tax to RMBC to apply. If the allotment is managed by the RAA, the Allotment Support Officer will contact you regarding your application. If the site is society-managed, your details will be passed onto the relevant site secretary, who will contact you.