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Growing / Cooking Festival Opportunity

Do you love to cook what you have grown?
Simon Grennan is organising a small food festival in Rotherham, with events taking place between September and February.
The festival brings together Victorian ceramics, made in Rotherham by the Rockingham company, and 10 cooks and chefs who cook in Rotherham today.
He would like to invite an Allotment holder who might like to cook with and for other people, with their grown ingredients, to join the festival:
1. Visit Clifton Park Museum collection of Rockingham ceramics (3 hours in April)
2. Cook one dish (a main, starter or dessert) to be dished up on a piece of Rockingham ceramics and have it photographed in your own kitchen (3 hours in May)
3. Show how you cook the dish, to a small audience at Rotherham Show (2 hours in September)
4. Make your kitchen (or a kitchen we provide) available for a Rockingham ceramics ‘show and tell’, for 5 people, led by Museum staff (2 hours in September)
5. Show how you cook to 8 people at Clifton Park Museum kitchen (2 hours, November)
6. Share stories and memories of your cooking for use in a film, book and exhibition.
7. Allow filming for a short festival documentary.
8. If you want to, work with the Museum staff to choose what will go in a small book about the festival (June)
In return, you (or your organisation) will receive:
A £250 gratuity
Cooking ingredients for 11 dishes at cost.
Travel costs, up to £50
3 x cooking events
Ingredients for 11 dishes
That is:
A dish to be photographed
the same dish for the Rotherham Show (demo)
the same dish as a cooking lesson in your kitchen (for 8 people)
Unlimited use of the photograph of your dish, made by an internationally-known food photographer.
Unlimited use of the documentary film.
Free copies of the book.
Please email if you are interested.