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Fire Reminder

Allowing a bonfire to cause a nuisance to neighbouring residents or other allotment tenants contravenes your allotment tenancy.  It is also an offence under section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  If the Council’s Environmental Protection Unit receive a complaint, they can issue an abatement notice for burning.  After the warning, further nuisance could lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £50,000 –

YOU, the tenant, are personally liable if causing the nuisance.


Please note the following rules for trouble-free fires:


  • Use a burning bin where possible to keep the fire small/controlled
  • Don’t light a fire on a warm, dry day, when neighbouring residents may be sitting out in their garden or drying their washing
  • All fires must be attended at all times
  • Don’t light a fire between Easter and October unless the weather is cold and grey
  • Don’t burn your weeds – most can be composted to improve the soil
  • Don’t bring rubbish from home to burn on your plot
  • Only burn dry, woody garden waste, i.e. diseased plants and dried-out organic material that will burn without smoke or hazardous residue
  • Choose a still, cool evening for your fire
  • All fires must be fully extinguished before leaving the site
  • Ultimately, burning is a last-resort
  • If your site has a specific burning instruction, please adhere to it


Anyone found not following these rules will have their tenancy terminated and will be required to leave the site. Should you have any queries, please contact us on the above details.


Thank you for your co-operation –

Rotherham Allotment Alliance