How is the Alliance run?

The Alliance is made up of a Board of Directors as follows:

  • Chair – Brian Steele
  • Secretary – Jack Taylor
  • Treasurer – Alison Howard
  • Vice Chair – John Palmer
  • Mohammed Suleman
  • Mick Hirst
  • Councillor David Sheppard (for RMBC)
  • Alice Parry

Each director will discharge his or her responsibilities in a way which seeks to ensure that the Alliance remains committed to operating in the best interests of its members and the community at large. The following documents describe how this will be done:

RAA policies 2021

site inspections – health and safety risk assessment 2020

Code of Conduct for Directors 2021

Financial Regulations 2021 (UPDATE DEC 2020)

RAA Standing Orders 2021

Co-Op Rules – April 2021 Amendment

The board have been meeting on a regular basis since 2019. All minutes of meetings can be found on our Minutes of Meetings page.

The Alliance operates with a part-time administrator who is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the service including plot lets and invoicing.